MSH Sino-Foreign Catastrophic Illness Medical Service Forum Successfully Hosted at Guangzhou and Shenzhen

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Last week, the high-end health insurance service and health management solution provider MSH worked together with the First Affiliated Hospital, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center, Healing Medical (Yang Yang International Clinic in Japan), HEAL Oncology, HEAL Oncology Centre of New Frontier Health to host "2019 Sino-Foreign Catastrophic Illness Medical Service Forum" at Guangzhou and Shenzhen respectively, which shared proton therapy, immunotherapy and other latest cutting-edge medical techniques around the world and discussed future development of catastrophic illness prevention and control in Hong Kong and Japan with nearly 300 medical and insurance professionals.



"Catastrophic illness presents trends of high morbidity and low patient age due to environment and food safety problems and stress of urban development. MSH keeps following the development of China's medical prevention and control techniques while promoting sound connection between advanced international medical techniques and needs of national customers with effort. Technology should be conducive to life. We believe that quality medical resources will ultimately benefit all mankind in the wake of constant development and upgrading of medical techniques. For that end, MSH is expected to contribute by inviting medical service experts and brokers on behalf of customers to discuss future development of national and international catastrophic illness prevention and therapy and further the progress of cooperation for sharing medical resources," said Ms. June He, General Manager of MSH South China, while addressing the opening of the forum.

The forum was an assembly of celebrities and masters. Professor Chen Chuangqi from the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University shared many cases of gastrointestinal tumors and gave a publicity to cutting-edge prevention and therapy techniques in front of audiences by real data; Director Yuan Taize of Guangzhou Concord Cancer Center described the value of proton radiotherapy in cancer therapy, explained principles and advantages of the structure of the proton system and operation of the proton radiotherapy by video, presented outlook for China's proton radiotherapy; Director Jin Songjie of Yunshan Medical explained misunderstandings of the Chinese people in awareness and how to correct the understandings from the view of lifestyles of the Chinese people and gave a groundbreaking, easy and lively address on gastrointestinal tumors; Dr. Henry Sze Chun Kin from HEAL Oncology Centre in Hong Kong illustrated breakthroughs and strengths of immunotherapy in lung cancer therapy and caring services in Hong Kong healthcare for cancer patients and demonstrated strengths of Hong Kong healthcare; and Mr. Liu Chenguang from Healing Medical detailed Japan's medical system unfamiliar to the Chinese people and analyzed reasons for the system's meticulousness and precision by data.

At the end of the Forum, Ms. Jojo Sun, Medical Network Head of MSH South China, and Mr. Michael Zhao, Senior Manager of Business Development of MSH South China, used detailed data and medical cases in the introduction to internal drivers and trends of evolution of China's high-end health insurance and how consumers picking up catastrophic diseases out of misfortune can acquire professional medical instructions and quality medical resources in time through the unique global medical network in high-end health insurance in front of audiences.

In the future, the knowledge barrier will be shrinking and insurance-medicine cooperation will prevail. Guests at the Forum conducted an in-depth discussion from medical, payment and client views in customers' healthcare experience and exchanged insightful opinions for medical technology & innovation and differentiated service experience in conjunction with their own industrial practice.

Since its founding, MSH has been a high-end service provider dedicated to health insurance in China. In the future, it will help more customers access the economic guarantee for worldwide medical services and professional support of medical teams and provide customers with such professional services as referral and appointment of authoritative medical specialists, arrangement of second medical opinions, and arrangement of overseas medical treatment and company through the risk prevention mechanism in insurance.

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